Australian Media Gets Back For Mocking Indian

Australia vs India is always a high voltage clash whenever they play where ever they play. But, more than the player’s media are highly involved in trying ways to disrespect the opponents. The Australian media has come hard at team India who is set to play a four-match Test series.

An Australian publication headline ‘The Scaredy Bats’ referred to team India when they reached Adelaide for the first Test.

Australian Media Gets Back For Mocking Indian

They reported Indians are afraid of bounce in Brisbane, scared of the dark in Adelaide. Giving these reason and stating visitors refusal to play a day and night Test in Adelaide.

A Twitter user by the name Richard Hinds pointed out the childish behaviour of Australian media on Twitter.

Apparently, the Australian public is not happy with its media thrashing a visiting team.

They attack everyone, Look at headline during Ashes

This must be appreciated. Media and people’s opinion isn’t same.


This isn’t the first time Australian have targeted Indian. They tend to do and praise there team what they do. This is India’s best chance to win series in Australia may experts believe as Warner and Smith are still facing a ban.

There is a certain line no media people should cross. You can’t disrespect the opposition irrespective of who you are playing. It’s a gentleman game. So, you, please try to be gentle.