Leaf Plates

We have been eating food since our childhood in the leaf plates. Still at function in Villages food is served in the leaf plates. We often call them as ‘Pattal’ or ‘donnai’ and have few more names in other parts of the country.

Previously in US, they discovered Yoga and named it as ‘Cardiac Coherence Breathing’ and now in Germany after the years of designing, prototyping and testing they invented the biodegradable Leaf plates.

Leaf Plates

A German company, Leaf Republic manufactures plates and tableware made up of leaves. These plates are 100% biodegradable.

The company proudly mark it as there invention, little that they know about Indian been using it since ages. But, the west country are proudly marking it as there which didn’t go well with desi Twitter.

Desi Twitter in no time got them back to the basic. Letting them know that the years of research is not a invention — but, just calming.

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