We all have been families with Yoga, and most of us would have even participated in the classes back then. Since 2015, we celebrate the International Yoga day on June 21st, which gave Pranayam unique identification Worldwide. People around the world are going back to the ancient techniques which boost positive energy in the body and helping in mental and physical state.

Scientific American published an article which explains breathing exercises can stabilise the heartbeat, and they renamed it as ‘Cardiac Coherence Breathing’ which is our very own Anlom Vilom.

Indian wake up with the Tweet as our very own Shashi Tharoor who gave the proper credential to the so-called ‘Cardiac Coherence Breathing.′ Desi Twitter was quick to claim that Anlom Vilom is repackaged and branded a new scientific name to it.

The article on there website have a clear mention of Pranayama.

Recommendations for how to modulate breathing and influence health and mind appeared centuries ago as well. Pranayama (“breath retention”) yoga was the first doctrine to build a theory around respiratory control, holding that controlled breathing was a way to increase longevity.