Delhi Metro Facts Cover

The Delhi Metro is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Delhi. Delhi Metro is one of the best transportation systems in Delhi for all commuters.

1. Rainwater Harvesting:

(Delhi Metro Rail Cooperation) DMRC harvest rainwater on its blue line.
(Delhi Metro Rail Cooperation) DMRC harvest rain water on its blue line

2. Saree Guard:

The escalators have a saree guard feature which stops sarees from getting tangled in it.
Escalators in Delhi Metro Stations have a saree guard.

3. Neutral Zones:

The power cuts when lights and AC go off in the metro are Power shifts. This is when designated sub-stations to supply power to a metro.

4. Something even we don’t know:

The Rajiv Chowk metro station was not named after Rajiv Gandhi but Rajiv Goswami, a political activist.

5. Even Number of Coaches:

Delhi metro has an even number of coaches that serves as one unit and cannot function separately. DMRC rails have two types of coaches, namely the ‘driver car’ and the ‘motor car’.
Delhi Metro Always have even no if coaches.

6. Punctuality:

The Delhi metros is punctual 99.7% of its time. That’s a major record.
Delhi metro are 99.7% on time

7. Delhi Metro covers more than earth’s total circumference

Metro has a vast network, or say 200 trains covering a entire distance of 69,000 km every day. It is more than the earth’s total circumference.

8. Rush:

A Whooping 700 million passengers take the metro every year. That’s double the USA population.
Huge rush on stations and in metro

9. No dustbins:

Even though there are no dustbins, Metro stations of Delhi are the cleanest.
Delhi Metro Stations are cleanest

10. Now, this is deep:

The deepest point of the metro lines 45 meters (Approx 150 feet) down — below the Rajiv Chowk station which is the airport express line.