A Punjab Labour Who Borrowed Money To Buy Lottery Ticket Won 1.5 Crore

A labourer in Punjab has won a lottery of 1.5 crore rupees. Even more surprising is that the labourer had borrowed money to buy a lottery ticket. The news of winning so many rupees of the workers has spread like fire in the whole area. It is difficult for people to believe the story at first, but knowing the truth, people all around are curious.

According to media reports, a man named Manoj Kumar in Sangrur district of Punjab works as labour. He always used to dream of becoming rich. Seeing movies, he assumed that he could become rich by winning money in the lottery. Thinking, he used to buy lottery tickets from a long time. Few days before, he came to know that the Punjab State Rakhi Bumper 2018 competition is going. Knowing this, he decided that he would buy this lottery ticket.

Manoj did not have the money to buy this lottery ticket. The last date for purchasing a lottery ticket almost came. Due to the tightening of money, Manoj first thought that he would not buy a lottery ticket. Suddenly the anxiety woke up about lottery tickets in his mind. To calm his curiosity, Manoj borrowed 200 rupees from his friend in the name of any other work. Then he bought lottery tickets with this borrowed money. Did he know that this lottery ticket would make him a winner?

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When the winners of the Punjab State Rakhi Bumper 2018 competition lottery were announced, it was discovered that the ticket which Manoj had taken was selected for the number one prize. Manoj was surprised to hear this. He came to know that he has won the amount of 1.5 crores in the lottery.

A spokesman of Punjab State Rakhi Bumper 2018 competition lottery told that Manoj met the director of the lottery TPS Phulka and presented his claim. The director assured them that the payment would be made as soon as possible. The lottery draw was announced on August 29. With this, it was revealed that the first two prizes of Rs 1.5 crore would be given to two ticket holders, including Manoj.