Day after day, online gaming PUBG is only bringing out discouraging news. The online game was first out in 2018 and since then, it has taken a gaming world by storm. Several cases of youth, getting addicted to the game comes out.

The latest news is from Gujrat, where a 19-year old mother of an infant is seeking a divorce from her husband because she wanted to live in with her gaming partner. She called women’s helpline Abhayam seeking help to get a divorce from her husband. She now wants to live in with her gaming partner.

PUBG Addiction

The woman started to play the online game a few months ago and got addictive to the online game. And as of now literally spent hours playing PUBG with him every day.

This is first such kind of case women’s helpline Abhayam received. Previously, they had complained about their children addicted to PUBG — Abhayam 181 Helpline Project Head Narendrasinh Gohil told The Indian Express.

Abhayam assigned a counsel-ling team, who went to the woman’s house, and spoke to her and the family.

They found out that her severe addiction to the game was causing continuous problems with her family. The woman was advised to reconsider her decision by Counsellor Sonal Sagathiya. They tried to make her understand that the man she wanted to live with “was not predictable”, and it was not sure whether “he wanted to live with her or not”. She was advised to give it a thought as she had a baby to look after.

Gohil said,

“As per policy of Abhayam helpline, the counsellors didn’t force a decision on the lady and just counselled her on the options available to her. The woman said she needed time to think about it.”


A case similar to this came is reported in Dubai where a woman filed for divorce from her Husband as he tried to stop her from playing PUBG.

Several cases of PUBG addiction came into light. A teenager robbed ₹50K from father’s account to buy PUBG items. In Maharashtra, two kids were mowed down by a train while playing the game. In Karnataka, a boy writes all about PUBG in exams and few more as the list goes on.