Internet Is Set For Debate After A Study Reveals India Have The Lowest Divorce Rate.

According to a study, conducted Worldwide by unified lawyers revels that India has the lowest divorce rate in the world.

The reports say in every 1,000 marriages, only 13 ends up in divorce. At most time divorce case happens in love marriage than compared to arrange marriages. This might be a piece of good news if we were living a few years back. In the 21st century, the case shouldn’t be the same.

Divorce rate lowest in Indians marriages

The big question is — are those 99% happily married or married.?

If couples aren’t happy, the majority doesn’t see divorce a significant option as it involves lots of hassle and it starts from the family itself. Explaining and convincing the family members about it is a major task, to what they will come with there own solution to try out rather making out emotion yet correct remarks “Log Kya Kahenenge”  “Badnami hogi.”

According to the study, Hindu have the lowest divorce rate, equaling Indian divorce rate of 1%.

The country’s huge population still lives in an urban area where majorly contributes to the low divorce rate of the country. There is still a tremendous part of the country where neither Police nor court could help out the individual. To take such fearless decision being alone faces a major financial problem, own family not standing by in some case. Few tend to continue because of children.

Divorce rate lowest in Indians marriages

This could have be a good news but, the Internet was quick to find the pin point reason behind the stats.

The Major Reason.

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