PUBG addiction Effect

PUBG addiction cases are coming thick and fast not only from a particular location in the country but, from all around India. In yet another PUBG addiction a Karnataka student in his first year pre-university exams wrote how to download and play PUBG instead of answers.

The boy is a bright student and had secured distinction in his last year’s exams. He confessed that his studies were affected because he got addicted to online gaming. The guy was so much involved in the game that he forget about the upcoming exams.

Though his parents saw him busy on the mobile phone all the time, he somehow managed to get through by saying that he was chatting with friends.

PUBG Effect

The boy said to TNIE:

“I was studious, but got attracted towards PUBG as it was entertaining, and soon got addicted to it. Sometimes I even bunked classes to play the game and sat in the nearby garden.”

He further added:

“I got angry with myself and wrote about PUBG in the answer sheet. Now my parents have taken the mobile away, but the images of the game continue to linger in my mind. I realise how dangerous a game it is.”

The teacher who evaluated his paper said — we are familiar to students writing Bollywood songs and famous movie dialogues. But this boy has written everything about the game, starting from steps to download it to how to play it.

College management informed the boy family about the same and his father who is a principal in another college is shocked to know about the issue. His parents have taken him for counselling and are preparing him for PU II now.

PUBG addiction cases are increasing day by day in the country.

PUBG addiction Effect

In Rajkot police have arrested 10 people who were caught playing the PUBG as the game is ban in the city. Addiction of the game is so high that brothers in Mumbai are burning the PUBG effigy in Holika Dehan.