PUBG Eggify

From last few days, demand to ban PUBG has certainly increased. One after other cases is making the news. A boy from Jalandhar stole ₹50,000 from his father account to buy PUBG items. 10 people in Rajkot are arrested as they were playing the game which is banned in Multiple cities. Two days ago, two youth died playing an online game as a train ran over them.

After all these cases the youths are in love with PUBG and are addictive as well. Not to mention several have raised their voice and demanded to ban the game.

Twin brothers from Sion Koliwada, in Mumbai Amar and Ashish Vitthal, have built an effigy of the mobile game which they plan to burn today on the occasion of ‘Holika Dahan’, to create awareness about the negative impact of the game.

PUBG Eggify
source: ANI

Speaking to ANI, Mr Vitthal said,

“People are turning violent by playing the game, children aren’t focussing on studies. So we came up with this concept. Earlier we had created awareness about noise pollution, demonetisation etc. We’ll burn this effigy during ‘Holika Dahan’. We want to spread a social message.”

Twitter has there say on the ban.