Changi Airport has everything to keep you entertained

Singapore’s Changi Airport has embraced automation and robots to efficiently process the growing number of people passing through the world’s #1 airport.

The Changi Airport is named the best Airport 6 times.

The airport serves a total of 62 million travellers each year across four terminals. The Airport has a rooftop swimming pool. Swim and enjoy the plane above you or even look them when they take off.

Changi Airport has a roof top swimming pool

Airport also has a world’s largest Kinetic Rain moving sculpture at Singapore Changi Airport.

Changi Airport has the world largest Kinetic Rain a moving sculpture

Catch a free movie at the 24-hr cinema at T2 and T3.

Changi Airport also has a 24 hr cinema

But Changi Airport isn’t planning to stop here.

In 2019 they plan to open a new addition: Changi Jewel

The $1.29 billion complex will include a glass dome with the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. Sky decks and trams along with a five-story forest valley

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The Airport is testing a facial recognition system.

There is no better place to get stuck in the Changi Airport, which can keep you occupied for hours.

The Robot’s cleaning the floor at the airport.

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