Dangerous International Airports

A plane is one of the most Revolutionary inventions of humans. Today many people travel through flights. Travelling through flights saves huge time, but there is a danger of life as well while moving through flights. There are some Dangerous International Airports which are built because of an insufficient source in that particular location.

1. Lukla Airport, Nepal

This airport in Nepal is specially for the people who want to climb Mount Everest as the base camp is located in Lukla. The length of the runway at this airport is just 1729 ft and after that, there is 600 feet deep trench. Which increases a massive risk while landing and at take off as well. Because a tiny mistake will put your life in danger.


2. Agatti Island Airport Lakshadweep, India

This airport in Lakshadweep, India is made on a small Island which is surrounded by water. Length of the runway is just 1204 meters. Pilots have to control the speed of the plane quickly otherwise the plane can go in the water.


3. Courchevel Airport France

The runway of this airport is one of the smallest, and its length is just 537 meters. Usually, runways are straight, but this runway is on the slope. Beside all this, the area is covered with snow as well which creates extra dangerous situation. Pilots have to take additional training to fly in such a condition.


4. Toncontin Airport, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

The runway of this airport is one of the smallest in terms of a commercial airport with 6112 meters. Mountains surround the airport on all the sides due to which planes need to be turned in the air and sometimes pilot has to do the cross landing of the aircraft which in fact is a big job for large planes.

5. Princess Juliana International Airport

This airport is the main airport of Carrabian island in saint martin. This airport is located beside the sea and what makes it dangerous and unique is the low altitude flyover landing. While landing and take off airport is too close to Maho beach and looks like it’will land there itself. Low altitude flyover landing had made this place so famous. People around enjoys it, but the Pilots have to be very attentive there.


6. Barra Airport

This airport is located in Scotland and it is a beach airport. There are three runways, but only one is used at a time. Since it is located on the beach, there is always water and sand on the runway which makes it sloppy and increases the risk. No emergency landing facility is available on this airport. The schedule of landing and take of is decided before depending on weather conditions.

7. Gibraltar Airport, Gibraltar

This Gibraltar airport in Britain is unique because the runway of this airport is located in between the highway. Railway crossing is normally seen, but these types of seen can only be seen at Gibraltar airport. A runway of this airport small because on both the side it is surrounded by Meddeterain sea which makes it more dangerous.


8. Gisborne Airport New Zealand

Similar to Gibraltar Airport, this runway is als0 located on the highway, but railway track is also built on the runway as well. Sometimes while landing train is seen passing by runways due to which landing needs to be postponed.

9. Paro Airport Bhutan

This airport is located in between the high hills of Himalayas. In between hills, climate keeps changing and high winds make landing task much more difficult. Small runway adds much more difficulty.


10. Mcmurdo Air Station Antarctica

Till now airports are beside hills, even small runways, runways nearby beaches or in centre of highway made it dangerous. In this airport, no such condition exists but much more than this because the runway at this airport is made on ice due to the weather condition. Pilots are trained to land in such status because of sloppy surface accident can happen.