We all are in so much necessity of downloading Apps. Downloading and using is fine but, most of the Apps we download are just placed at a corner and are not used for months. There are countless Apps on Google Play Store because it is an open platform. This is hurting the Google Play Store. Anyone and everyone can create an App and can upload it on Play Store.

Like every other year, Apple’s fall announcement has become predictable in launching new devices. The company changed the trend last year to make out for its 10th Anniversary and launching iPhone 8 and iPhone X. It is still unclear how the company will move forward in naming their devices.

Anyhow everything will get clear in a few days. Looking at the invitation doesn’t give any hint about the launches scheduled for the day by the company. It’s rose gold colour circle with “Gather round” written. Does the circle point towards smartwatch.?

  • Real Electric Wood Cutter

Electric chainsaw simulator is a very interesting woodcutter and chops down trees. Seriously.?  Are we supposed to cut down trees from our phone? But How.? Aren’t we suppose to plant trees.? To surprise you all this App is being downloaded by around 10,000 times and have been reviewed by the user as well.

  • Pocket Fan Prank Simulator

Get a cool feeling. Enjoy the air blowing from this fan through your head. Is this fan suppose to throw air outside.?

Can we use this App instead of this fan.?

Just look at the presentation image by the developer of the App, representation of the App is top class and work of the App is third class. A fan revolves around and does nothing.

  • Toothbrush

This App, a single image of toothbrush and we, can’t even figure out what to do with it. Nothing else. Do we supposed to stop using physical brushes and put the paste on our phone screen.?

  • Scissor (Hair cutting prank)

As previous the same level, this App has nothing to do except making us fool. It also has a single image which is shown and nothing else. After downloading it paper was not able to cut but, sure fooled us. We were shocked to know that this App was downloaded over 10,000 times. Why.?

  • Shower

“With Shower Simulator, you will be clean, even if you do not have a shower or water available! 
With ultra-realistic physics engine, you will feel the cold water on your beautiful skin.” Such beautifully described

The description was like ordering Pita Bread with Hummus which actually is Chole Kulche. Simply better English better representation.

  • Finger Treadmill

After using all these Apps, you need exercise for your fingers just to us more Apps. That’s what it for. I guess. Seriously.? The developer says this will train your fingers but. For what.? I think to use such more worst Apps.

Finger Treadmill on Google Play Store

  • Fake Chat With Girlfriend

What this App does is you send a message, and you only reply to yourself. Yes, there are two send button on this. You can make your friends believe through this but, who is real loser here.? 

This App should be named as “Apne App Se Chat Karo.”

We wanted to end the list here but, the next App, if you’re going to use, will cost ₹26,000.

  • Toilet Paper

To download this tissue paper, you need to pay ₹26,000. What for.?

Description: A cheap toilet paper, handy and always useful.  Cheap or not cheap what’s the use of having a toilet paper in my phone. Didn’t I have to use it physically.?

We have to end this hear because if we continue this, this list can go on very long. But on a serious note, Google needs to look into it before the Play Store is covered with garbage. Allowing anyone to put the App on the platform was a good idea in the past. Since then the technology is growing at a rapid rate. Developers are using it to there advantage and user’s disadvantage. Uploading a single snap on the name of the App is shameful, and this is promoted hugely.