Abhinandan Moustache is the fashion trend

It was an Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan Varthaman who shot down Pakistani F-16 with MiG-21. In the operation, his fighter jet was also shot and he landed in PoK.

He was then captured by Pakistani Army and was released within 3 days. Indian youth are paying a tribute to the wing commander for the bravery he has shown by wearing Abhinandan Moustache.

I am not supposed to tell you that”
source: ANI

Indians are wearing Abhinandan Moustache with pride and to pay a tribute to the brave Indian pilot.

Abhinandan Moustache is the latest fashion trend in the Country.

In the country reel stars, set the trend and people follows. This is the first time I remembered the trend is set-up by a real-life hero and people following it with dignity.

— Charu Pragya (@CharuPragya) March 4, 2019

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