Randeep Hooda seen serving food in Kerela
Randeep Hooda seen serving food in Kerela source - Khalsa Aid(instagram)

Randeep Hooda: Kerela has shown us how devastating can nature could be. Not only in India but people from around the world are shocked to see Kerala condition. Every individual, cooperates, State Government and many more are have joined hands together to help out Kerela in every way possible. We have seen several celebrities have donated for Kerela. Randeep Hooda went a step further.

The actor joined the relief work on the ground in Kerela, being done by a group called Khalsa Aid. Khalsa Aid from there Instagram handle posted snap of the actor and wrote Bollywood actor @randeephooda joins the Khalsa Aid team in #Kerala! It’s great to see such celebrities going and working on the ground rather than donating the amount. This step of the actor will also encourage the number of people as well.

Sushant Singh Rajput has also donated ₹1 Cr on the name of a fan which was too much appreciated. Amitabh Bachchan has given ₹51 Lakhs. What Randeep Hooda has done for Kerela people is a much-appreciated step and a step forward.