Twitter Hilariously Troll PM Modi After His Plane Can Escape Radar Due To Cloud Comment

In the latest interview, Prime Minister Narendra Modi openly speaks about the air strike which Indian Air Force did on 26th February. He while speaking on it, gave a completely illogical statement.

PM Modi said, in his interview to news nation said:

“I am not a person who knows the science, but I thought that there are clouds, it’s raining, so there is a benefit that we can escape the radar. I have a raw vision, the cloud can benefit us too. “Everyone was confused about what to do. Then, ultimately, I said, ‘it’s OK, there are clouds, go ahead. Chal pade.

Here is the entire clip of the instance.

After such illogical statement by India’s Prime Minister, Twitter had no mercy on PM Modi and started to troll him.

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