This Young Kerala Man Has A Heartwarming Message On His Mother’s Second Marriage

We live in a society where divorces and remarriages are still a very big issue because of Log Kya Kahenge and due to this many couples suffer. India has the lowest divorce rate of 1% in a recent study. After which a debate started some calling India a land of unhappy marriage while few telling otherwise.

The main problem started within the family itself. This young guy, named Gokul Sreedhar from Kerala shared a heartwarming message about his mother’s second marriage which is winning hearts on the Internet.

This Young Kerala Man Has A Heartwarming Message On His Mother’s Second Marriage

The post was initially written in Malayalam, in which young guy talk’s about how his mother suffered in an abusive marriage just for her son to grow.

“It was my mother’s marriage. I thought a lot about whether to write such a note. After all, this is a time when a lot of people still cannot accept a second marriage.”

Gokul Sreedhar explained about the hard times, his mother suffered to raise him and ending will congratulatory message for her marriage.

“A woman who set aside her life for me. She has suffered a lot in what was a disastrous marriage. After getting beaten, when blood dripped from her forehead, I have often asked her why she bore it. I remember her telling me that she was willing to suffer for my sake as she was living for me. That day, when I left the house with her, I had decided about this moment. My mother, who set aside her entire youth for me, has a lot of dreams and heights to conquer. I have nothing more to say. I realised that this is something that does not need to be kept hidden. Mother, happy married life.”