Mumbai Police
source : Twitter

Mumbai police on twitter came up with some innovative tweets related to road safety, to follow traffic rules. All these tweets are humorous which is loved by the netizens. There is no surprise Mumbai police have a huge fan following on Twitter.

We all love Bollywood, and Mumbai cops know that very well. Their inspiration for innovation comes from Bollywood movies. The lessons were to the mark. Wear seat belts while driving as most people show enough carelessness of not following the traffic rules.

You can ensure living happily every after #ReelNamesRealLessons #WearASeatBelt

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Both need to wear helmet (Heer, Ranjha) is better than Harry Sejal.

When Harry Met Sejal, both put on their helmets, and rode happily and safely ever after #ReelNamesRealLessons

Don’t drink and drive is the message here inspired by the movie 2 States.

When behind the steering, inebriate is the worst ‘state’ to be in. #ReelNamesRealLessons