All Round Praise For Kerala Girl Who Rides Horse To Xth Final Exam

A video from Kerala is going viral, in which a Girl can be seen riding a horse heroically to appear for her Xth class final examination.

The name of the girl is CA Krishna. She’s from Holy Grace School in Mala, Thrissur. Apparently the school trains kids in horse-riding.

Speaking to the News Minute CA Krishna said:

“I was nurturing the hope of riding the horse to attend the Board examination for quite some time. On the last day of exams, it was the Social Studies paper, and I chose to ride the horse to school on that day.Many had said that it will be a risky affair to ride the horse on a Board exam day, considering the traffic and other issues.

But I thought it was all right. I’ve been training in horse riding from the time I was studying in the seventh standard. I have gone to school riding the horse on some other occasions in the past. Last year also, I rode the horse to attend my ninth standard exam”

Twitter was all praise for her courageous act.