Shivraj Singh Chauhan as Bahubali
source- twitter

In a fan-made video, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister is projected as Bahubali. A two minute video clip was edited by one of the fans of Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan who apart from CM also edited few faces from opposition leaders including Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi as well. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also spotted in the video.

Senior journalist and news director of India Today group Rahul Kanwal shared the video on their Twitter handle. While few Twitter users praised the creativity, others took a jibe at Shivraj Singh Chauhan with some saying that he should have been ‘Kattappa’ and not ‘Bahubali’ as he is famously known as Mama Ji.

Here is the Video:

Here are the reactions :


Earlier this year a video of CM went viral in which he was as Rowdy Rathore, the movie done by Akshay Kumar. Another fan-video titled ‘Super Mama’ had surfaced online, which showed him play the character of the favorite yesteryear game – Super Mario.

To remind you Madhya Pradesh assembly election is due to take place later this year and looks like the election is at the peak in India’s central state.