CRPF Personnel helping 83-yo woman

Yesterday the 1st phase of voting happened out of the 7 phase voting which will take place in the coming weeks. Every election season we all see some inspirations. Yesterday, the 83-Year-old Satya Devi came to cast her vote and CRPF soldiers helped her, holding her hands.

One of the woman personnel helping an old woman says: Dheere dheere aaiye.”

Yesterday, voting was underway in 20 states for the 91 seats of Lok Sabha. The 2nd phase of voting will take place on 18th April

After casting her vote Satya Devi held up an inked finger for the camera.

'Dheere Dheere Aiye' Says CRPF Soldiers To 83-YO Woman

Twitter is all praise for CRPF personnel for helping the old lady.