This Woman Suffers The Most Horrific Experience Of Her Life In The Ola Cab

Ola Cabs

Ola and Uber are giving us a comfort service by picking up from our location and dropping to the point where we want instead of going out and looking for auto like before. But, safety is the primary concern here, specially for women.

We often hear our ears of how unprofessionally cab drivers behave often having passenger safety their top priority.

Recently a horrifying story is narrated by a woman who was riding Ola from Bengaluru airport to the city.

Twitter user Akanksha Hazari wrote her story and mentioned it as the scariest ride of her life. Her story puts a huge question mark on the safety of women while using the service.

A driver took the other route gave an excuse of not having enough cash to pay for a toll and also turned off the GPS direction.

She requested driver to take the route directed by the map.

Driver became rude and asked her to get out pf the cab without thinking about the safety of her at the middle of the night.

She pressed a SOS button and got a call back from Ola executive.

After incident the trip continued, but the driver started to talk on phone

A little later, the driver altogether stopped his car and started making his calls again.

The executive who was tracking vanished

Ola driver was busy in making his calls so, he even ignored the call from the executive.

After he takes the executive’s call,and had a verbal fight, he gets back in the car to continue the trip with driver phone connected to the executive with speaker on.

Finally, the horrifying story ends

She even raised some serious question with the cab service company.

Bengaluru police was active and noted the incident, asked to DM the details for further necessary action.

To the horrific incident, Ola spokesperson responded with the following statement.

“We deeply regret the experience that the customer had to go through. The driver in question had been off-roaded immediately and had blacklisted from the Ola platform. Safety of customers is our top priority, and we are committed to ensuring that initiatives like the in-app Emergency button, a 24×7 Safety Response Team, and Ola Guardian amongst others, help our customers feel safe when they use the Ola platform. We have extended support to the police in sharing all the information to help them with the investigation”.

This is not the first incident happened. These cab drivers don’t fear. Cabs service need to bring in some serious changes for the safety of the passengers. These drivers are professionally trained as mentioned by the cab’s company but yet they choose to show such unprofessionalism.