Uber Experience

Cab services are such a great help ever since they have started. Picking up from where we are and dropping us where we want. They have been a saviour to us. But, sometimes its all opposite to what they offer.

So, this guy named Surya Oruganti booked a Uber from Kempegowda Airport, Bengaluru to drive him home. But, this wasn’t the case which he expected. When the cab arrived, he found that the driver was not the one shown on the App including to his worse he was drunk.

No option seems to be possible at late night he clicked a picture of the driver, and he sat on the driving seat to drive himself home.

He was in not in the mood of letting go this incident and posted several instances in Twitter.

Uber Experience
source: Twitter

He also posted a video where he is seen asking several questions to the driver.

After looking at the case, Uber replied :

Here is how the whole conversation goes in.

It’s been a few days and the action taken from Uber is not being noticed yet. They might have taken action is still not confirmed.

Twitter was angry and blasted Uber.