Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan

Unemployment in India is at 45-year high according to reports. The Indian government hasn’t mentioned about jobs as well and Jobs do not find a place in BJP’s manifesto for the upcoming General Election. And Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has promised 22 lakh jobs.

But, this is election time in the country so, when Dharmendra Pradhan was asked about how many jobs did Modi government created he was rapid to say more than 10 Crore.

Dharmendra Pradhan in NDA government is the Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship. Firstly, he gave examples of road, railways, industries and agriculture as well where jobs are created. Upon insisting to tell number he just said 10 Crore with supreme confidence.

As Minister Dharmendra Pradhan quoted the number, the reporter had a shocked look on his face.

Twitter is also asking where did the Modi government create this many numbers of jobs.