Richa Bharti who was arrested in Jharkhand’s Ranchi last week for sharing a controversial post on Facebook, allegedly against a community. She was granted bail on Tuesday on the condition that she would distribute five copies of the Quran to the complainant and different libraries across the city.

Richa Bharti, a third-year student at Ranchi Women’s College, said she was hurt by the court’s condition and defended her post.

“To write about our own gods is not wrong. It’s not like that I had intentionally hurt their religious sentiments. I had not written that post. I had only copied and pasted the text. Such posts also come from the other side. They are not told to recite Hanuman Chalisa and go to temples.”

This judgement was given by judge Manish Singh and is completely strange. This type of judgement isn’t heard in India before. Rich Bharti is getting a lot of supports from elsewhere and also on social media.

Now, the Ranchi bar association in a press meeting announced their decision to boycott Judge Manish Kumar and are demanding his transfer. While speaking to media they said would not take part in any proceedings in the Judge’s court, until and unless he gets transferred.

After condemning the strange order against Richa Bharti, the lawyer claimed that he has till date not read such a court decision till date.

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