Shankar Mahadevan With a young talent

India is a land of talent, here and there enormous talent is present, and those need a good platform to showcase it. None other than social media is a big influencer for them. And if those talent gets space through celebrity than it’s “Sone Pe Sugaha” as we call it.

Shankar Mahadevan is a familiar name to all. The breathless he sang is unforgettable. The trio of ‎Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy have given some melodious music since decades.

Shankar Mahadevan yesterday shared a video of a kid on Instagram and Twitter and wrote.

“He does not need our money, doesn’t need sympathy.. all he needs is a place where he can sing & showcase his talent!
I met him straight after his chemotherapy & just look at his positive spirit!!!
Lots to learn from SAMANNAY SARKAR .. will surely record something together soon”

This young soul really inspired the singer who sang beautifully, and he even wants to record with him soon.

Previously he also shared a video of two staff member from Bengaluru’s Conrad Hotel to showcase undiscovered talent.

Shankar Mahadevan impressed by singing skills of these 2 hotel staff

Introducing the two as Aswini and Doyal, he asked them each to sing a song.

These are the result


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Part – 2 Just when I was checking out of the hotel, met these two staff members from the hotel and they sang so beautifully for me.. I thought I must share it with you people!!! #UndiscoveredWithShankar

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All these individuals and many more in India need a platform, and the veteran singer is entirely doing the same. This is a terrific initiative, and it will be beneficial for the talented people who need a small push to make there mark on the grand stage.

Hope this will also encourage others to do the same initiative to give the talent there deserved placed.