Hasan Ali

Mohammed Hassan Ali, 11, who lives in Hyderabad, is in the news about his knowledge. Hassan, who is studying in seventh grade, teaches designing and drafting to B.Tech and M.Tech students.

Hassan Ali does not take any fee for his ‘students’ and wants to teach one thousand engineers until the end of 2020.
He told the news agency ANI, “I have been teaching for the past one year. I have a resource for learning — the Internet.
I do not take fees, because I want to do something for my country.

Hasan Ali

Hassan also said, “I go to school in the morning and return home at 3 o’clock. I play and do my homework by 6:00 Pm. After this, I go to coaching and teach.”

Hassan when asked about where did he develop an interest to teach the students to double his age Hassan Ali said, “I was watching a video on the Internet, where I found that Indian Students are doing odd jobs in other countries even after studying.”

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There were thick jobs. Then I thought that our engineers lagged in a particular case and that was ‘Communication Skill’. Our students are fragile in communication because of which they fall backwards. While my favourite subject was designing, I started working on it more loudly.

Sushma, who is a student of Hassan, says, “I have been here since last one and a half months to learn civil software. He is the smallest, but he teaches well. His skills are good, and the things he told are easy to understand.

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