Zomato Food Tampering

Cooking requires lots of effort while ordering food is convenient with Swiggy, Zomato etc. and gets food at the doorstep with few clicks. With these services we always face minor issues which can be overlooked but, a recent video is going viral on social media which is a severe threat to the food delivering services.

Yesterday a shocking video of delivery executive associated with Zomato surfaced online, and everyone has no words to explain it. An executive had a bag in which pending parcels were in. He stops his bike opens the packet, fill his tummy packs them back and goes to deliver these boxes. Zomato executive can be seen doing the same multiple time.


Here is the video in question.

The video is shared by more than 6000 times, and people are trashing him which he deserves too. Video raised the question on the reliability of their service and people using these services are worried. All of them want some better safety methods by the company for such unprofessional behaviour.

Seriously.? This isn’t a joke.

Home made food

But, eating it couldn’t be justified by any means

Zomato immediate reply was immature stating if true.

Here’s the another official statement from the company.

A delivery executive is removed, and the company has proposed tamper-proof tapes. Will this be enough measure which will not repeat the same action. The big question remains.