Surf Excel Controversy

Surf Excel latest ad on Holi has landed the product in controversy. As the ad focus on friendship beyond religious boundaries.

The ad didn’t go well with the right-wing Hindu supporters. They are saying that the ad promotes love-jihad.

This resulted in angered and hatred among them and they all started to demand a complete ban on all products of Surf Excel’s parent company HUL (Hindustan Unilever).

Later when other people started to watch the ad amid controversy, and they decided to raise their voice because they didn’t find any part controversial.  As of now, the Internet is divided with right-wing Hindu supporter demanding boycott while other stands with the ad.

In all this, there are a set of people who aren’t able to differentiate between Surf Excel and Microsoft Excel as the last name matches. And resulting this, these so-called right-wing members on Google Play Store are giving a negative rating to the Microsoft Excel. They are even mentioning a comment “Boycott Surf Excel.”


Here are the few comments mentioned by them against Surf Excel