Why Food Delivering apps like swiggy, zomato need to be improved.??

Ordering food through your phone with your finger tips looks so simple. Open the app, search for the restaurant order the food and get delivered at your door step. Just going few years ago this was not the case. None of these delivery apps were even introduced. Zomato was there just as a restaurant finder and swiggy doesn’t existed. Food Panda was there none of us uses it. Looking at the current situation and the online world which grew in last 2-3 years has completely changed almost everything and specially food delivering services and the cab services. Like who doesn’t want work to do be done without moving.


sourceLooking at the current scenario Swiggy is among the most popular one’s among the apps that’s competing in the market. Later comes Zomato, Ola acquired Food Panda and uber eats just introduced in metro cities here in India covering very small and targeting popular areas and trying to set their base.

Restaurants Side :

Since the food delivering apps became popular due to the huge increase in internet, they companies have there own demands with the restaurant partners which they have to accept due to their good customer base. Few restaurant deliver foods and will cost 10% -15% lower than the food delivery apps but can only cover nearby areas and these guys covers a good ground and they even increase the amount to add into their commission by few percentage. Even some restaurants doesn’t charge packing charges but they include it, all these dirty tricks destroys the reputation of these restaurants in the market. But the issue is swiggy, zomato give good business to the restaurants due to which they are forced to work according to their conditions.

Customers Side :

You are hungry. Switch to any of these apps, search for restaurants and didn’t find the ideal one so just shut it down  How many times did this happen to with you as well.?? Although I completely agree due to competition  choices of restaurants have increased massively and fast. Most of them doesn’t even have a good rating and are dropped automatically from the list. Only few fits into the list but then comes the other issue different restaurants but same menu. You can’t eat same dish all days ordering from different outlets. Options are increased but didn’t got any better. Flipping from one app to another just to find your favorite food and then later ending up without ordering. Its same like reading a review of some gadget in different websites. Its all same everywhere, just the presentation changes.

Food Delivery

Although these all are not enough then there are issues from delivery guys as well, sometimes they don’t even deliver the order. Food is not packed properly sweet dish gets converted  into spicy and spicy to sweet all these though happen regularly. For any services, improvement need to made consistently that is the only way to be successful.