IIT Coaching Institute Shares Single Guy Image For Two Rank

This is the time of year when the results of the competitive exam just came and the schools, coaching institutes are looking for intake of as many admissions possible. Newspaper are filled with the achievement mentioning students rank by rank.

In Times Of India, Sri Chaitanya published the list of the student who achieved top ranks in IIT. They published the picture of students who are in the top 20 and doing so the 5th and the 7th rank students is the same.

IIT Coaching Shares Single Guy Image For Two Rank

Atul Khatri a stand-up comic took note of the blunder and posted on Twitter, the overachievement advertisement of Sri Chaitanya.


Netizens are having the laugh and these reactions are proof

Not just this, another user pointed out that the two institutes Sri Chaitanya and Narayana claim the same rank 27,31,47,63,64. And I have no idea how the two rivals are doing so.