Man trolled heavily for shaving on train only to ind out he was homeless and to apologize later

On the public train in New Jersey, a video captured where a man has seen shaving and was posted on Twitter. The video circulated rapidly and went viral.

Video already has been viewed 2.9 million times with thousand’s of comment and retweet.

Last Thursday, a Twitter user named Pete Bentivegna posted a video showing Anthony Torres shaving using shaving cream and a razor while on the train.

Man trolled heaily for shaing on train only to ind out he was homeless and to apologize later

The men who shot the video tried to make fun and people around slammed him for his action. People called him animal, Pig and what not. Not only social media trolled him soon media outlets joined and slammed him.

Anthony Torres said he was trying to look “presentable” to his brother to whom he is meeting after a long while and travelling on borrowed money ticket after spending several days in a homeless shelter.

The man Anthony Torres wasn’t aware of all what happened. Later he clarified his condition and told.

My life is all screwed up. That’s the reason I was shaving on the train,” Anthony Torres, who had just left a homeless shelter, wanted to look presentable when he got off the train.

As soon as the people came to know the truth about him, he got massive support from all around. People who trolled him started to slam the one who posted the video and apologise Anthony. Media outlets who tore him down have also apologised and are now trying to raise a fund for him and have raised more than $27,000.

As everyone is supporting him, they also started to slam Pete Bentivegna who posted the video, and he deleted his twitter account.

Social media had done amazing things to remind us of common humanity but it can also do the opposite.