Erynn Brook Heart Touching Story

A Canadian writer Erynn Brook in a series of tweets narrated a story about an 18-YO girl whom she met on a subway. The 18-Years-Old girl approached her moments before having a seizure.

The girl has a laminated paper of her seizure plan, which explained what the girl is going through and how to deal with the situations.

All the pain what a girl is going through will and how she is dealing with it all alone will surely touch your heart.

Erynn Brook kindness towards the girl is a lesson to all of us. The girl faced everything all alone and she will be doing the same. But, talking to someone about the problem can only help.

There are people in the world who faces such a critical situation on a daily basis and if we all can be just kind to them, the world will surely become a good place to live in for all of us.