Americans discovered Lactose-free butter which is GHEE

Indian love food. Every Indian state is famous for its own food and we have amazing choices to have visiting different states. Looks like the western countries can’t handle the spice.

Previously in the US, they discovered Yoga and named it as ‘Cardiac Coherence Breathing’ in Germany after the years of designing, prototyping and testing they invented the biodegradable Leaf plates’. The fact is Indian have been using both these since ages. Now, its Lactose-free butter.

Now, after a gap of three months, American channel NowThis after struggles have discovered Lactose-free butter or simply Butter which is a must in India with every meal. In the video, they are just going crazy about the multiple uses of butter describing them one after the other.

After the video made a presence online, Indian were quick to remind about the origin of the item they discovered is from India and is used since ages.