Tauba Tauba

Tension between India and Pakistan are high after the 40 CRPF were killed and 5 injured in the  Pulwama district on 14th February. Since then India had launched an all-round attack on Pakistan on several issues. The whole nation is in superior anger against the neighbour country.

On various issues, India is downgrading Pakistan and giving hard signals to not do any terrorist activity in the country. Head-to-head fight is on between the two on news channel and between social media users.

Tauba Tauba

Recently a video where a Pakistani journalist can be seen angrily talking against India. Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat shared the video with the comment, “so much trash on our tv channels.”

‘Tauba Tauba’

In the video, Pakistani journalist can be seen challenging India angrily after the farmers of India decided to stop exporting tomatoes to Pakistan, which resulted in the increase of tomatoes price to ₹200 and above per kg and other vegetables as well. He even said that Pakistan had made atom bomb only to use them against India.

The video went viral on social media with several Indian users retweeting the video with some funny taglines.