Taimur Ali Khan
source : Twitter

Taimur Ali Khan is so famous in his childhood that whatever he might achieve later wouldn’t be applauded. He is the kid who is making a buzz since his birth. Every day he is in the news and the days become shitty. Now if there is not enough with media to cover him, there is a Taimur Ali Khan doll at a store in Kerela and we wonder why.?

Producer, Ashvini Yardi involved in movies as well as in TV shows posted an image on Twitter and it’s Taimur Ali Khan Doll, with a name of Kid written on it.

Beside Taimur Ali Khan Doll lies, the Abram Shahrukh’s son was there as well. Everyone was shocked, surprised to look such a doll.

Indian Media – No No, We’ll lose TRP

It true as of now

We do wonder the same


Just avoid them

But, we have no choice

We still don’t know when the shit of Taimur Ali Khan will be stopped.