FaceApp Old Age Everyone Is Marking Them Save From The App

From the last 10 days, your timeline is surely filled with the many elderly folks. And everyone knows it was FaceApp’s age challenge. The FaceApp lets you pick a photo from your gallery and with the help of AI mercilessly edit it with one of its filters. Basically, itโ€™ll show what an aged version.

Now, after a week of making rounds on everyone’s timeline, everyone is now panicking as the FaceApp is storing the data.

After this everyone started to mark themselves safe from the App. Altogether, this is just a joke but, a serious one to be honest. Users are marking them safe from the ill-effects of it.

After all, FaceApp has access to your photo and things like your phone model and browser type. For the most part, it’s non-identifying information. Not so much with Facebook though.

Not only have you given that hundreds of photos over the years, but it also has your full name, birth date, and topics that interest you, and much more sensitive information.

They just not have all of your info, they are even free to sell that to third parties with all the legal rights which they mentioned in the App.