Reddit thread is eyeopener for job people

This is a hard truth which most of us have experienced when working for corporates. Companies have no care for there employees.

This tweet thread from a Twitter user is a hard slap to all the companies who only think of there deadlines instead of feeling a little bit for there employees, which is shame and bitter truth.

This Twitter user named Brandon Cebenka being an employee of a gaming company by name Telltale Games experienced the same and wrote it down on Twitter.

How he wasn’t paid for overtime, Sleepless nights or even working overtime on weekends. But, in the end, company laid him off overlooking what he all did for the company.


The thread already got 16k retweets. Which states most of the employee experiences the same and are scared to take a stand against it.

Here are some of the supporting tweets and people’s experienced.

Some More To Read Out.

This same got viral on Reddit thread as well.