Birthday Hairstyle became Meme

We all love our special day specially Girls are more excited about there Birthdays. A day in the year which they have already planned in the head from what to wear, where to go. So, a girl posted a video on Twitter, showing off her colored hairs slayed, done for her Birthday.

In the video, she shakes her head flaunts her hair and later becomes a meme material. Everyone wants to go viral but, no one wants to be a meme and if its your big days, then extreme no.

“All I wanted was to get my hair slayed for my birthday by and I became a meme”

But, Twitter being Twitter.

Here is the humour, Twitter showed to make her a memorable Birthday (in a way or other)

Another one

One More.

Its quiet amazing how a random things gets viral on social network. A Fiji Water Girl or a Surgery on a Grape. However, the memes surrounding such incidents makes us go ROFL and so, was the video which just gave some meme material.