Google Assistant

All the unmarried wants to get married and vice-versa. It is a universal fact. Shadi Ka Season is on and some lucky fellow are tying knot but, everyone is not lucky.

Google Assistant receives 4.5 lakh marriage proposals from Indians in April last year.

Google Assistant

As the song goes:

“Shaadi Hai Dilli Ka Laddu, Laddu Ye Har Man Me Phoote
Isakaa Lage Har Daanaa Bhalaa
Jo Khaaye Pachataaye Jo Naa Khaaye Wo Pachhataaye
To Khaakar Hi Pachhataanaa Bhaalaa”

How good or bad may be the Laddu, all wants to taste it.

The single-hood in India is so massive that, many user are proposing the Google Assistant to get married. So, Google India on the Twitter posted a tweet asking:

We really want to know why you keep asking the Google Assistant to marry you. In free time Echo, Siri and Google Assistant are good time pass and asking a few questions to get some epic answers is a good time pass.

Desi Twitter responded in the Desi way.