India vs Pakistan : Sudhir Gautam and Bashir Chacha
Source: Feedipy

Asia Cup is going on and India is playing Hong Kong. Srilanka has already disappointed and are home after losing there two fixtures. India vs Pakistan is always a pretty tense match. The stage is all set for the tone of the most watchful cricket event.

India and Pakistan will play on Sept 19th and both are highly likely to reach the Super 4 of the Asia Cup, where they both will lock horn once again with each other.

So, there are huge chances of two clashes between the two if not two. If they both reach final, three clashes will be seen in 10 days.

The Sachin Tendulkar and Team India fan Sudhir Gautam received a call from Pakistani fan Bashir Chacha (aka Chacha Chicago). These two are always in attendance for the game of there respective teams. Sudhir was financially struggling and had given hopes on making it to UAE to cheer the team.

Pakistani Fan Bashir Chacha called Sudhir to know about his plan about the Asia Cup then he came to know about the financial struggle of Sudhir Gautam.

 Bashir made all the arrangements for him including the tickets, accommodation and food.

Its the respect and love which they both share for each other. It’s such a wonderful to hear such heart-melting gesture specially from the fans of arch-rivals fans.

You know the money will come and go with Allah’s grace. I told Sudhir you just come here and I will take care of everything. I am not a rich person, but my heart is as big as an ocean. If I help you, Allah will be happy,” Bashir said while speaking to Xtra Time from the UAE.

Sudhir was thankful to his friend for arranging everything and said, “I handled the visa, chacha handled the tickets just for me to cheer for Team India. Chachaji also took care of everything, including the hotel and my food.”

The kind of Love these two share is Incredible.