ICC 's April Fool

International Cricket Council has made some set of changes in the test cricket rule on the April Fools day. These changes are quite interesting but, all these changes in the rule are only to fool the followers and mark the day.

ICC announces that the Instagram username will be on the back of test jersey to make the game appealing for younger generations.

Social media to get more interaction in the game as the toss is replaced by Twiter poll.

Seriously, commenters on the slip positions.

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4’s into 8 and 6’s into 12 in the evening session of the test match.

Twitterati quickly got the main motive behind the post.

ICC just made so many changes at the same time to give there followers there motive behind the move. Hope they could have been more creative and have stopped at 2-3 changes to have made us believe it for some time.

Anyways, April Fool Day.