April Fool Prank By Companies

April fool is the day when everyone tries to pull off a prank on each other. But, as the social media had grown over the last few years, the companies are heading and are pulling off April fool pranks consistently and smartly.

As April approaches, the first day is the April fool day and some of the companies have there plans spot on for the day with some innovation.

While the OnePlus TV that CEO Lei Jun confirmed last year still seems far-fetched, the company has teased an electric car on social media. OnePlus on Twitter posted a teaser of Warp Car, which is nothing but a prank

On March 20th Netflix announced something big is going to happen in 14 days and everyone anticipated it to be Season 2 announcement of Sacred Game. But, Netflix pulls off a prank on April fool day.

The trailer of which everyone is waiting for Sacred Game 2.

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One of the smartest pranks was, executed by the home company Ola. They introduced a new service as Ola Restroom to prank Indians. The video shows a mobile restroom within a finger tap. Open the app go the restroom section and book a restroom. A mobile toilet will arrive at the location, as per the video.

You can watch the video here:

In the latest video posted by Google says that they have launched Google Tulip that lets humans talk to tulips with the help of machine learning. Another one is hardly a prank but an interactive joke.

The video posted on Google Netherlands shows that tulips talk ‘Tulipish’ to tell things like when they need to be watered. As per the video, Google Assistant on phones and Google Home speakers can talk to tulips and they talk back.