MSD is the most loved and respect cricket across the world. His fans in India not just love him but idolize him as well. Every one of us wants to meet our favourite stars but not everyone wish is fulfilled. We have seen an instant of fans breaching the security and running on the ground to meet there stars in a live match.

Previously, a fan ran to meet Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and today it was MSD. Today’s meeting between a fan and MSD will again make you fall in love with Dhoni. When India was coming out to bowl a fan ran to the ground to meet his favourite stars.

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The fan approached Dhoni but, MSD was in fun-mood and he started to run and the fan was chasing him in between of whole Indian Cricket team. There were Kohli, Rohit and others but this man’s target was fixed.

After having some warmup, Dhoni finally stopped and fulfilled the wish of his fan. The man touched MSD feet, shake hands and hugged him.

Twitter was heart-warmed.

There is no one like MSD.