After Three Weeks Of World Cup, Here Is How The Road To Semi-Final Looks Like

With 30 out of 45 group games played, two teams officially out and 15 games left to play. The Cricket World Cup is on its edge filled with the excitement as the game comes.

World Cup qualification

Week 1 of the World Cup was filled with one side games while the rain took over in week 2. The third week brought back the excitement in the games as Sri Lanka defeated England. While Afghanistan scared India and West Indies vs New Zealand stands tall.

With 8 teams left three games to play. India still has 4 games while South Africa who out has two more.

South Africa and Afghanistan are officially out from the CWC 2019.

New Zealand and India are two undefeated teams in the World Cup so far and have the best chance of qualification along with Australia.

  • Black Caps need just a single win from their remaining fixtures against Pakistan, England and Australia.
  • Australia too needs a single win from there three remaining fixtures to seal the spot. If they lost all three then the qualification is in the hands of other teams which doesn’t look familiar.
  • India who has 4 games against West Indies, England, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and winning any two will be enough for men in blue to qualify for the semis.
Indian vs Afghan
source: Twitter
  • England the host and the favourites have already lost two games and have a tough remaining fixture against top 3 sides and needs two wins to qualify as Sri Lanka sits below them with two-points less.

They can still qualify after losing their remaining three fixtures, if:

Sri Lanka loses all their remaining matches.

Pakistan and Bangladesh get defeated in at least two of their remaining games.

West Indies lose one.

Remaining teams Sri Lanka, West Indies, Bangladesh and Pakistan will one way or the other will have to depend on top 4 to make into semis.

  • Sri Lanks Play South Africa, West Indies and India. Winning all these three is next to impossible, but you can’t rule out specially after their win against England.

However, if they end on 10 points, they will have to sit and wait and hope England lose all their remaining matches, Bangladesh does not win more than two and Pakistan loses at least one.

Sri Lanka Stunned England

Elimination loops around Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan well as West Indies if they do not win any of their matches.

  • Bangladesh faces Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. With 5 points from 6 games, they need to win all remaining games and hope Sri Lanka lose all their matches while England wins not win more than one.
  • Pakistan now faces New Zealand, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. If they win all the three matches, they will end with 11 points and then hope England do not win more than one while Bangladesh and Sri Lanka lose at least one game.
India Won On The Field Pakistan Won On The Twitter


  • West Indies qualification looks practically impossible but officially possible. If they win all their remaining matches, they will still hope England lose all their matches and, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka win not more than one each and Pakistan lose at least two.

England tougher games have given them a slim hope of qualification. And in a game of Cricket, you can’t rule out anything.