Mamata Banerjee

Mamata Banerjee and CBI are against each other. The showdown is going on from last three days. It all started after CBI went to investigate in Saradha chit fund ghotala. CBI wasn’t allowed to enter the home of Rajeev Kumar instead was arrested by Bengal police and the show continued whole night.

Mamata on the same night when all the action of events are going on, decided to sit on Dharna, and received the support of all oppositions parties. The sequence of events are going on and still didn’t concluded.

Mamata Banerjee

Twitter, on the other hand, having a mix reaction as Twitterati supporting their respective parties but, the meme maker got a video clip of Bengal’s Chief Minister which they converted into a hilarious meme.

The rivalry in politics is well-known, yesterday’s enemy can be today’s friends. It all depends on the mathematics of winning an election. Mamata vs BJP is going on from last few months. Everyone knows how the BJP is denied to do Rally in her state multiple times giving one or the other reason.