Meet 25-YO Zakir Phasa, Who Voted Using His Foot Which Should Inspire You To Vote

25-year-old, Zakir Pasha resident Kagaznagar in Asifabad district, Telangana came out to vote who has no hand. This didn’t stop him from voting. This man is an inspiration for the people around the country.

Zakir has no hands but on April 11 he went to a polling booth and voted using his foot.

The staff at the polling booth were surprised when he did not ask for any help from them. Instead, he lifted his foot and pressed the button on the EVM machine, reports TOI. He said:

“It is our right to vote and I exercised it. It’s my responsibility.”

After voting, he got inked on foot.

He is such an inspiration specially for the people from Hyderabad, Secunderabad where voting was only 39%. Hope people from other cities get inspired where voting is scheduled in the later phase.