sanjhi virasat party manifesto

Before election Politician makes many different promises to lure votes. Top political parties make many promises but, no one can beat the election manifesto of Sanjhi Virasat Party. They have prepared a manifesto which will allow you to sit at home and enjoy their benefits.

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From giving 50% discount on alcohol to giving free goats to Muslims on Eid are the main highlights of the promise they made followed by many more.

The manifesto also promises free education up to Ph.D., free metro/bus service for students in Delhi, no fees for private schools, free ration, ₹50,000 on the birth of girl child, ₹10,000 to unemployed women to name a few promises.

Sanjhi Virasat Party

Amit Sharma is the candidate of Sanjhi Virasat Party from North-East Delhi whose picture is printed on the manifesto pamphlet. The election in Delhi is scheduled for 12th May.