This Independent Candidate From TN Promise To Supply 10 Litres Of Brandy Per Month If Elected

General Elections in India are just 3 weeks away and parties are building their strategies to win the elections. Meanwhile, candidates are also busy in making a tall promise just to win the elections.

Pre-election parties present their manifesto and make some tall promises. In one of the bizarre promises The independent candidate, AM Sheik Davood, from Tiruppur Lok Sabha constituency, has promised to supply 10 litres of pure liquor per month for each family for free.

Free Liquor Promise - AM Sheik Davood

He spoke about poll promises to reporters about his after filing his nomination on Saturday. When asking about free liquor promise, he said:

“Nowadays everybody drinks. The problem is with the spurious liquor that’s adversely affecting the health of the consumer. If voted to power, I’ll bring pure liquor from Puducherry and distribute it among the families here.” 

Free Liquor Promise - AM Sheik Davood

His pre-poll promises, also include ₹25,000 to every family each month, digging a canal from Mettur to Tiruppur to bring drinking water to the district, government jobs to one person in each family, wedding assistance of 10 sovereigns of gold and ₹10 lakhs from his MP funds.

As the election comes closer and closer candidates have started to make tall promises to lure the voters.