India - Pakistan match take army twist

Mauka Mauka the most loved advertisement campaign created by Star Sports during 2015 Cricket World Cup. The Ads got soo much love but this is 2019 and Ads are changed and took some serious turn.

A World Cup advertisement is created by Pakistan’s Jazz TV ahead of India-Pakistan clash on June 16th isn’t going according to plans. The advertisement is a spoof on the video released by the Pakistani military during the Wing Commander’s brief stay in Pakistan.

He’s also sporting the trademark Abhinandan gunslinger moustache, and holding a cup of tea.

The sport has now has gone to another level as the mocking level crossed as commercial surrounding the capture of Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan Varthaman. Twitter is calling it shameful and a comparison between the two countries is going on.

Abhinandan became a hero in India after he brought down Pakistan F-16 and his I’m not supposed you tell you this was trending in India along with his moustache.

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