EVM Hacking Jokes

Syed Shuja the mystery man who claimed EVM could be hacked did not even attempt EVM hacking at the event organised in London.

The man made several claims about EVM hacking didn’t have anything to prove his words. The man in question didn’t even fly down to London. Instead, he was video conferencing from California. He was sitting a room with face covered making several claims.

EVM Hacking
source : Reuters

Syed Shuja said that the 2014 election in which BJP led NDA won by a landslide victory, was rigged. Congress lost 201 seats in 2014 because of EVM tampering. He also said Gopinath Munde who died in the accident was aware of EVM hacking and therefore was killed.

 Syed Shuja EVM Hacking
source : Zeenews

Syed Shuja made multiple claims but has not been able to provide a shred of single evidence.

The Election Commission of India soon after released a statement denying all the claims. The Election Commission says EVM have no communication modules, hence cannot be hacked wirelessly. Any attempt to connect to the machine will result in tampering and therefore not possible to hack.

Soon after all the claims and the show of EVM hacking went flop, and the man wasn’t able to provide any evidence of his claim. Everyone on the twitter became EVM hacker and posted some funny technique of #MainBhiEVMHacker.

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